VaultWarden is a fork and free open source version of BitWarden, the popular password manager.


Update the system

sudo apt update

Install VaultWarden

Run the following command

docker run -d --name vaultwarden -v /vw-data/:/data/ -p AvailablePort:80 vaultwarden/server:latest

Head to My Nginx Proxy Manager Guide to setup HTTPS as VaultWarden Requires this.

Head to yourip:AssignedPort.

Create an account!

Importing from a previous password manager

Setup Mobile App

Install the app from either Google Play or the App Store

Open the app and press the settings icon in the top right hand corner.

Insert your new HTTPS url in to Server URL, including the https://

Login using your new credentials.

Setup Web Extension

Install the app from Here.

Open the extension and press the settings icon in the top left


Insert your URL in the top box


Press Save

Login with your credentials