Below is a list of personal and collaborative projects that I am apart of. Docker files have been implemented where possible to allow for containerisation. Ouroboros is utilised to auto-update running containers without the need for restarts.

Personal Projects


A multipurpose discord bot designed to be a modern way for users to interact with servers with moderation, fun and information commands! Clarence uses a mongodb database to store information to pass it back to the user at another time.

Github link:

HullCSS Bot and HullRS Bot

A pair of multi-purpose purpose made bots that allow for automation and functionality within the society discord servers.

Github link:

Github link:


A sea of thieves bot that allows for quick navigation to guides such as how to fix errors and how to solve in game riddles.

Github link:

Freeside Accounts Bot

A discord bot that integrates with Freeside’s infrastructure to help automate tasks such as creating accounts and resetting passwords.

Github link:

This blog

Built upon Hugo, and the PaperMod theme, I write about whatever interests me such as movies and tech!

Github link:

Site link:


Below is a list of projects I have contributed to that I don’t necessarily work on!


I frequently review and contribute to awesome-selfhosted such as removing dead links, cleaning up syntax and reviewing new projects to make sure they not only match the required layout but also meed the guidelines of selfhosted software.

Github link: