A list of hardware and software I use!

Inspired by awesome-uses!


Desktop - What used to be a prebuilt has slowly turned into a custom built Windows 10 machine running a Ryzen 5 3600 with 32GB DDR4 memory and a GTX 1060 6GB all on top of a Gigabyte Aurous B450 Elite motherboard.

Monitors - The desktop connects to two monitors by BenQ. The primary monitor is a 28 inch 4k display and the secondary monitor is a 24 inch 1080p display

Laptop 1 - My personal laptop is a Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 running an 12th gen i7-1260P with 16GB memory and a 51GB SSD, holding a Windows 11 Home OS.

Laptop 2 - Placeholder for when I get my work laptop.

Tablet - iPad Air 5th Generation

Phone - Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G

Watch - Samsung Watch 5 Pro

Earbuds - JLab go air pop until I get myself a pair of Buds2 pros.


Editor, Terminal and Extensions

Editor - I use Visual Studio Code as my editor whether it be for coding projects or just editing markdown or yaml files.

Terminal - For my terminal I use.. Windows Terminal. I used to use the command prompt but then wanted something more polished that I could use with a theme. I mainly ue the terminal within vs-code though.

Theme - I use the Night Owl theme for its bright colours when editing both markdown and js files.

Extensions - I don’t really use extensions as I prefer to use project specific tools within their projects, however the extensions I do use can be found here.

Web Technologies

Backend - As a lot of my projects uses JavaScript, I use NodeJS often for server side applications such as Discord bots and soon to be other bots..maybe. I use a mix of Hugo and Jekyll for SSG generation.

Databases - MongoDB as it was recommended in my Discord bot journey and it just works.

Hosting Providers - I use OVH for my VPS provider, and run a Ubuntu 20.04 server which all of my projects are hosted on. Normally within Docker containers.

Research and PhD tools.

As a PhD student, my time is often spent in academic tools and software so I thought I would add them here too!

Reference management - I use Mendeley for my reference management due to its web interface allowing me to access my sources anywhere. It also lets me take notes within Mendeley and the one click Add to Library feature is very useful!

Note and Organisation - I use Notion to manage my life and PhD from taking notes, to storing office hours to even keeping track of when the Bin dates are. Without Notion, id be lost.

General Software

Browser - I use Microsoft Edge for my browsing needs, simply for the vertical tabs, they are so much nicer to use!

Music - For music streaming, I have been using Spotify for the past 6 years and have never looked back!

Media - For media streaming I use Plex, having your own netflix like service with the content you own, is a game changer!

Movie and TV Show Tracking - As a stats nerd and a media buff, I use Letterboxd and Trakt to keep track of my movie and tv show habits.